Volltext: Dictionary of philosophy and psychology including many of the principal conceptions of ethics, logics, aesthetics ... and giving a terminology in English, French, German and Italian, vol. 1 [a-laws] (1)

^ig. 3. 
Fig. 2. 
Plate A (Brain). 
* Jg- u. 
Fig. 8. 
Fig. 1. 
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Fig. i. Cross-section of dorsal region of vertebrate embryo at stage ot medullary plate (Hertwig). m.g., medullary 
groove ; m.f I, medullary folds ; ec., adjacent ectoderm ; ch., notochord ; 6.C., somatic cavity ; ms', and ms"., the two layers 
of mesoderm ; end., endoderm. 
Fig. 2. Chick at 58 hours (Mihalcovics). 1, primitive fore-brain ; 2, primary optic vesicles ; 3, mesencephalic vesicle ; 
4 and 5, metencephalic vesicle ; 6, heart ; 7, spinal cord. 
Fig. 3. Human embryo, 4 mm. long (His). The auditory vesicle and three gill clefts are present ; also the faint indi¬ 
cation of the optic vesicle. 
Fig. 4. Brain of a later human embryo (His). The flexures in the mid-brain and pons region are begun. The eye, 
lens, nasal sac, and hemispheres appear. 
Fig. 5. Still later human embryo, superficial view (His). Lower jaw and arm appear. 
Fig. 6. Brain of human embryo, 10-2 mm. long (His). Nerve roots are indicated by Roman numerals. 
Fig. 7. Frontal section through head of snake embryo (Herrick). Formation of secondary eye vesicles and lenses. 
F.br., primary fore-brain; l., lens; Mes., mesencephalon; o.r., optic pouch; P.o.v., primary optic vesicle. 
Fig. 8. Later stage of same (Herrick). Formation of olfactory pits and lens-capsule. Dienceph., diencephalon ; l., lens ; 
Med., medulla ; olf., nasal sac ; r., retina ; s.o.v., secondary optic vesicle. 


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