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Researches on movements used in writing
McAllister, Cloyd N.
Researches on movements used in writing. 
The bamboo rod which must be struck first when standing was but a 
short distance from the end of the frame nearer the cross rod ; but, when 
it was caused to fall, it fell in the direction of the cross rod, and, al¬ 
though it fell completely below the surface of the disc, was prevented by 
it from falling down entirely. The other end of the frame performed 
this service for the other bamboo rod. 
By means of a cord running through a screw eye the frame could be 
drawn toward the other end of the slit, raising the bamboo rods as it 
moved until it was stopped by two nails in a position such that the bam¬ 
boo rods were standing upright and ready to make another record. The 
cord being released, the rubber band returned the frame to its former 
position where it was ready to catch the bamboo rods again. 
The top part was removed from a school desk and in its place there 
was put a flat desk open in front and back. The top was of the same size 
as that of the original desk, when the lid was raised to make a flat desk 
of it, extending sixty-six centimeters from right to left and fifty-three 
and one-half centimeters from front to back. A circular hole was care¬ 
fully cut in this top of a size to permit the turned disc to revolve with 
very little friction. The center of this hole was thirty-three centi¬ 
meters from the ends and from the front of the desk top. The depth of 
the desk was such as to permit the other disc to rest on the bottom, 
while the desk and the turned disc were flush on top. A-bolt, H, 
through the center of the lower disc and the bottom of the desk served 
as an axis for the discs to turn upon. With the aid of a bicycle wrench 
the desk could be raised or lowered. The chair accompanying the desk 
was also adjustable. 
With the apparatus in this condition each subject could be seated com¬ 
fortably, and the height of the desk could be made suitable for him. The 
subject was requested to sit in an upright position ; the desk was adjusted 
so that the top was slightly below the elbow. 
The subject reacted to the signals as before, but his whole attention 
was given to knocking the rods down ; they were raised into position 
each time by the observer by means of the device explained. 
The contacts were connected as before, parallel to each other and in 
series with the Deprez marker. The battery wires are indicated by 1 
and 2. The middle point of the distance between the two bamboo 
rods was at the center of the discs. 
T he top disc was divided into angles of fifteen degrees ; these angles 
were marked with their values from o° to 3450, according to the mathe¬ 
matical convention mentioned above ; a mark on the top of the desk at 
the edge of the hole made it possible to adjust the disc for any angle 
desired. ’


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