Volltext: Phonetic notation (10)

Phonetic notation. 
fricative, [o ; <r] sometimes distinguished in English, though per¬ 
haps never distinctive : |[«£*'] = [sikshs] ‘ sixths ’ ; [hmzs>3tn\ = 
[hæzdoni] ‘has them.’ 
occlusive, \d\ /] E. d; t. 
corr. orinasal, [«] E. n. 
occlusive, [d; r]. Independent lateral occlusives are rare ; [J+t1] 
or [+tri] *s use(^ t0 urSe on horses. In words like ‘ wildly ’ and 
‘ faultless ’ the occlusives are necessarily lateral, and do not need 
to be marked as such in an ordinary transcription, 
vibrant, [f] Scotch r. 
fricative, [z ; j] E., F. z ; E., F., G. “hard” s. 
fricative, [Ï ; f\ . Welsh 11 = [j] ? 
strictive, [ÿ] Londonese consonant r ? 
strictive, [/] G. 1. 
strictive, [/] E. 1 ; a [/] with approximately [«] -modification of the 
dorsal tongue position. 
[d t n r z s j 1] differ from [d tnrzsu /] in having the tongue 
point much farther back. 
fricative, Qy ; f~\ F. j, E. si in ‘vision ; E. sh, F. ch, G. sch. 
These signs, now coming into common use, are preferable to the 
German philologists’ z s by reason of their greater legibility and 
ease of writing, and also because the Bohemian accented letters are 
difficult to obtain in this country. The chief objection to f is its 
similarity to ordinary f\ this may be avoided by using an italic f 
with no kern at the bottom. If a roman character is needed, the 
letter f might be used ; the resemblance could be increased by re¬ 
moving one serif. The articulation of the paginais seems to be 
quite variable; the assumption that [/] is necessarily formed 
farther back than [r] 1 is as incorrect as the older theory that [/ ] 
is simply [s] .2 
1 Sie vers, as before, 131. 
2 Henry, Comparative Grammar of English and German, 27, London 1894.


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