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Researches in practice and habit. 
the 43°' probable error of K. on the sixth day was principally due to the 
long intervals between the first four taps. 
That the preliminary trial was not sufficient in every instance for him 
to acquire momentum, so to speak, is seen in the record for the sixth day, 
which ran as follows: 315, 289, 291, 295, 200, 245, 244, 240, 269, 
242, 248, 251, 243, 237, 246, 238, 254, 240, 229, 254, 218, 219, 260, 
222> 23I> 239> 235> 2I6, 223, 242, 229, 217, 212er. This shows a dif¬ 
ference of 103er between the first and last taps, though the largest de¬ 
crease occurred in the first four taps. As contrasted with this record, we 
give his record for the eighth day, which shows considerable gain in rapid¬ 
ity and regularity in two days’ practice: 231, 229, 225, 220, 219, 223, 
229, 226, 223, 221, 218, 222, 208, 210, 221, 226, 209, 204, 229, 221, 
2°3, 207, 203, 200, 198, 217, 213, 209, 205, 202, 200, 195, 208, 203er. 
This record shows a difference of only 29er between the first and last 
taps. A graphical representation of the records for these two days may 
be seen in Fig. 8. According to the statement of the subject on the 
DiA Y 
Fig. 8. 
X, upper line, serial number of experiments. 
X, lower line, days of previous practice. 
Y, tap time in thousandths of a second. 
sixth day, he was conscious at the start that he was not doing his best, but 
somehow he could not get control of the muscles within the time allowed 
him in the preliminary trial. Hence the temporary effect on the first 
part of the record. 
In those records which show a small variability the subjects invariably 
reported that they were feeling quite well and brisk. Moreover, I ob¬ 
served that as the movements came to be controlled by the automatic 
centers and the movements became more rapid,, the greater was the in¬ 
fluence of any change in the nervous condition of the subject. An illus-


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