Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

E. IP. Scripture, 
self with the minutest details of preparing and mixing paints, of per¬ 
spective, shading, varnishing, etc., so must the psychological investi¬ 
gator have in mind just as many kinds and combinations of apparatus, 
manipulations and methods as he can possibly learn. This is the ideal 
which the special student should always have in mind. The young 
investigator should go through a preliminary apprenticeship in assisting 
more advanced workers, and should prove himself a well qualified man 
before attempting to conduct work. 
If possible the laboratory should be situated in a building back from 
the street, preferably in the suburbs. If it is in a building with other 
departments it should have the top floor, and the smaller rooms for ob¬ 
servation should be at the back. Just as freedom from shaking is the 
indispensable condition for many physical experiments, so freedom from 
noise is the fundamental requisite for the successful prosecution of many 
psychological investigations. Of course, where only demonstrational 
work is required such conditions are unattainable and unnecessary. 
In regard to the general plan of a scientific building reference may be 
made to Durm’s Handbuch der Architektur, IV. Theil, 6. Halb-Band, 
2. Heft: Gebäude für Erziehung, Wissenschaft und Kunst. 
One of the first cares of the instructor will probably be the lecture- 
room. Although one like that to be described will seldom be attainable, 
the main requirements are the same for most cases and they can be 
met in ways as nearly like the ideal ones as possible. All seats in the 
room should command a good view of the experiment table. In a 
small institution a large table in an ordinary lecture-room would be 
sufficient. With large classes, however, the seats must rise toward the 
back ; the rise should be about 12''1" at the second row with a regularly 
increasing rise for each succeeding row. If the seats are arranged in 
curves, a rather flat hyperbola ought to be chosen. Before the windows 
black shades or shutters for darkening should be placed. The many 
elaborate arrangements in use are generally very costly ; recourse is gen¬ 
erally had to common spring rollers. For further suggestions see Wein- 
hold’s Physikalische Demonstrationen and Frick-Lehmann’s Physika¬ 
lische Technik. 
The ceiling and walls of the room should be as white as possible. 
The researches in school-hygiene have shown that dark colors, panelings, 
rows of blackboards and any other arrangement that lessens the diffusion


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