Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

Elementary course in psychological measurements
Scripture, Edward W.
I 2 I 
Elementary eourse m psychological measurements. 
Points to he noted. 
i. The determination of the reaction-time of the subject was closely 
analogous to that of the latent time of the marker; it would be quite 
justifiable to speak of the “ reaction-time of the marker ” or the “ latent 
time of the subject.” 2. Since the probable error of the marker was 
o, the probable error for the reaction records must be a personal 
quantity of the subject. 
i. How would you proceed to determine the latent time for a spark 
coil? 2. What mental element that was measured in Ex. IX is present in 
the subject’s reaction ? 
Exercise XI.—Regulated rhythmic action.. 
(Needed: recording drum, motor, 100 v. d. fork, fork support, automatic make, 
sounder, break key, spark coil, condenser, smoking and varnishing arrangements, bat¬ 
teries of I A, 2 and 3A, and 4A. ) 
The automatic contact (Fig. 17) is attached to one of the posts of the 
drum by the screw E through the rubber block V. A projecting pin in 
the drum strikes the spring arm B and depresses it slightly for an instant. 
The current is brought to the post A and passes through the arm B 
to the platinum disc at G. Every time the pin on the drum strikes B 
contact is made by G against /and the circuit is closed. E is a screw 
with a rubber point against which B may rest. The automatic make may 
be turned into an automatic break by interchanging / and E. 
To adjust the position of the automatic contact apparatus the screw E


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