Volltext: Elementary course in psychological measurements (4)

E. IV. Scripture, 
Preliminary notes. 
A. Objects of the course.—Practical training in (i) observation, (2) 
manipulation, (3) computation, (4) deduction, (5) criticism. Ele¬ 
mentary acquaintance with (a) methods of experimentation, (b) methods 
of measurement, (r) construction and use of apparatus, (</) special 
psychological methods. Thorough appreciation of the three fundamental 
properties of scientific work: (1) accuracy, (2) brevity, (3) neatness. 
B. Arrangement of the class.—The class is divided into groups of two 
persons each. Any student who wishes to do so 'may select the other 
member of his own group. One group begins with Ex. I.; another 
with Ex. II., etc. At the next exercise the group that has had Ex. I. 
takes Ex. II.; the one that has had Ex. II. takes Ex. III.; etc. At each 
succeeding exercise a group takes the exercise that follows in numerical 
C. Instructions to the student.—Look at the index on the bulletin 
board ; opposite the number of the exercise for the day you will find the 
number of the room in which it has been set up. On the table bearing 
the number ot your exercise you will find two sets of printed instruc¬ 
tions, one for each person. Compare your set with another set marked in 
red “Corrected Copy,’’ and make any changes that have been indi¬ 
cated in red ink. You will also find all the apparatus of the exercise 
called for under “ Needed.” It is set up ready for use. Begin by read¬ 
ing the first paragraph of the instructions and applying it to the appa¬ 
ratus. Take the following paragraphs singly. 
After carefully studying the apparatus and its connections take it down 
and set it up again. In performing the experiments one person serves as 
experimenter, the other as subject. The places are then exchanged and 
the experiments are repeated. The subject is. to know nothing about the 
results obtained on himself. The record must be made on the printed 
blanks.1 When finished, these records are to be handed to the instructor. 
They will be marked, the mark being given to the experimenter (who 
has prepared the record). 
The fundamental requirements for the records are accuracy and neat¬ 
ness. See that you understand all the “Points to be noted.” If not, 
consult the instructor. Also see that you can answer the “ Questions.” 
It is intended in many cases that you shall get the answers directly from 
the instructor. The student will be held responsible on all these points. 
At the end of the exercise place all apparatus in the condition in which 
it was found. Do not leave until the instructor has inspected and ap¬ 
proved your work. When the whole class has finished an exercise, the 
1A specimen blank will be sent to any one who will ask for it.


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