Volltext: Elementary course in psychological measurements (4)

E. W. Scripture. 
Owing to the newness of experimental psychology its methods of in¬ 
struction are still matters which must be determined by trial. Sanford 1 
has developed a course of simple laboratory experiments, but otherwise 
the problems of systematized laboratory instruction remain unsolved. A 
very important problem is that of systematic courses in psychological 
measurements. Among such courses there must be an elementary one. 
As the results of my experience of five years in trying to develop such 
a course may be of use, I will illustrât^ the methods employed by de¬ 
scribing some of the exercises. 
The aim of this elementary course is similar to that of the elementary 
courses in chemistry and physics, namely : education and instruction of 
the general student. It is intended to be part of the regular college edu¬ 
cation; among elective courses it is specially chosen by students intend¬ 
ing to study medicine or to teach. It is a noteworthy fact, however, 
that the subject matter attracts students who take no other laboratory 
courses of any kind. 
I he student makes his own text-book with the aid of : i. sets of mimeo¬ 
graphed instructions which are given out at each exercise ; 2. illustra¬ 
tions in the form of prints from blocks, blue-prints, tracings, etc.; 3. 
references for applications and further reading to some psychological work. 
I he following are copies of some of these mimeograph-sheets with ex¬ 
planatory remarks. The “Preliminary notes” are given out with the 
first exercise. The first few exercises are of moderate difficulty, but they 
occupy the inexperienced student for about two hours each. The later 
exercises are adapted to the increased skill of the student. Since the ap¬ 
plications and the bearings of the exercises can be made evident only in 
a general course on experimental psychology, the laboratory course is 
taken only in connection with the lecture course. Some idea of the 
verbal instruction that is given to the pupils and of what they hear and 
see in the lecture course can be obtained by referring to my New Psy¬ 
chology by means of the topics in the index. 
I he following exercises are selections from a set of thirty now in use. 
'Sanford, Laboratory Course in Experimental Psychology, I’oston, 1895. 


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