Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

Microscopical researches into the accordance in the structure and growth of animals and plants
Schwann, Theodor Schleyden
1. Erom the point of a branchial cartilage of Rana 
esculenta. The lower margin of the delineation 
exhibits the natural border of the cartilage. 
2. Cartilage from the ilium of a foetal pig five inches 
long, after the application of acetic acid. 
3. Enamel fibres from immature teeth of a foetal pig. 
4. Cells from the surface of the enamel membrane. 
5. Fibres which compose the substantia propria of the 
human tooth, isolated by maceration for two days 
in dilute hydrochloric acid. 
6. Fibre-cells from the areolar tissue lying beneath the 
superficial muscles of the neck of a fœtal pig mea¬ 
suring seven inches. 
7. A more fully developed cell of areolar tissue. 
8. Cells from the gelatinous substance between the cho¬ 
rion and amnion of a fœtal pig seven inches long. 
9. Larger and very pale cells from the areolar tissue of 
the orbital cavity of the same fœtus. 
10. Fat-cells from the cranial cavity of the young of 
Cyprinus erythrophthalmus. 
11. Fibre-cells from the tendo achillis of a fœtal pig three 
and a half inches long. 
12. From the middle coat of the aorta of a fœtal pig 
measuring seven inches in length. 
13. Cells from the interior of the quadratus lumborum 
muscle of a fœtal pig three and a half inches long.


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