Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

E. W. Scripture. 
The constant activity of the laboratory workshop during the two 
years since its first productions were described1 has resulted in over 
fifty new pieces of apparatus for the purposes of research and demon¬ 
stration. Of these I have selected for description only a few whose 
fundamental ideas may be serviceable to the investigator. 
Pendulum chronoscope. 
The spark method previously described2 has reduced the labor of 
making records of reaction-time to a point lower than obtainable by 
any other method recording accurately in thousandths of a second. 
The apparatus, however, is not portable. We set ourselves, there¬ 
fore, to produce an apparatus fulfilling the following requirements : 
1, accuracy to the thousandth of a second ; 2, ease in transport ; 3, 
readiness of setting up ; 4, quickness in reading ; 5, availability for 
many kinds of experiments on time. These requirements were 
met after eight months of labor by the first pendulum-chronoscope. 
Two chronoscopes were built later, but the model remained essentially 
the same. 
The pendulum-chronoscope contains in the first place an accurately 
adjusted double-bob pendulum. This pendulum is held by a catch 
at the right hand side. In making an experiment this catch is 
pressed noiselessly and the pendulum starts its swing. It soon reaches 
a light pointer held in position by a delicate spring and carries it 
along. At exactly the moment it takes up the pointer it presses a 
delicate catch which releases the mechanism beneath the base. This 
mechanism is adjusted to do several things ; one of them is to drop 
a shutter which covers an opening in a metal plate at the back of 
the chronoscope. The person experimented upon is seated at the 
back ; owing to the curtain, he can see nothing but the metal plate 
1 Scripture, Some new apparatus, Stud. Yale Psych. Lab., 1892-93 I 97. ^ 
5 Bliss, Investigations in reaction-time and attention, Stud. Yale Psych. Lab., 1892 
I 7.


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