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Catalogue of Bradley's Kindergarten Material and School Aids
Bradley, Milton
Clay Modeling in the Schoolroom. 
This book, by Ellen Stephens Hildreth, is an illustrated manual of instruction in Clay 
Modeling for the kindergarten and school, based on the curved solids. Mrs. Hildreth 
was associated with Miss Blow in the St. Louis kindergartens. 
Price, paper covers, §0.25 
The Kindergarten Blackboard. 
By Marion Mackenzie, with an introduction by Constance Mackenzie. This book, 
intended for use in the home, the kindergarten, the connecting class, and the primary 
school, fills the long felt need of those who, without previous training, have been 
required to use the blackboard for simple illustration of story, song, morning talk, 
language lesson, etc. Price, $0.60 
Outline Course for Kindergarten Department of Summer 
Vacation Schools. 
By Jenny B. Merrill. A five-weeks’ course for Kindergartens. It can easily be made 
applicable to any season and any locality. Price, paper, $0.25 
Love and Law in Child Training. 
This is a new book by Emilie Poulsson, the subject treating of kindergarten principles 
in the child’s home. Love and Law is eminently a book for mothers—sympathetic and 
practical—sound and clear. Price, cloth with gilt top, $1.00 
The Message of Froebel and Other Fssays. 
By Nora Archibald Smith. This is a volume of essays on different phases of kinder¬ 
garten work and kindred subjects, written in the author’s well-known style. Bound in 
cloth and gilt. Price, $0.50 
Froebel—The Man and His Work. 
This is a brief biography by Anne L. Page of the founder of the kindergarten, in a 
convenient form, with a picture of his birthplace and the monument to his memory on 
the cover. The book also contains two portraits of Froebel and the picture of the vil¬ 
lage of Keilhau, where his peculiar school was located. Price, paper covers. $0.25 
Kindergarten Papers. 
This is a collection of seven papers by Angelina Brooks relating to the work of the 
kindergarten in its different phases. Price, paper covers, $0.25 
The Kindergarten and the School. 
The book comprises five papers by well-known writers. Price, paper covers, $0.50 
Flementary Form.—This is a manual of elementary form, accompanying a 
unique set of blocks invented by Rev. W. F. C. Morsell of Philadelphia. Send'for 
special circular. Price, manual and blocks, $5.00; manual alone, $1.00 
Mother Lore.—Selected by Mary L. Gaylord. Twelve sheets, 91JX11, containing 
fine pictures and quotations relating to motherhood. Beautifully printed. 
Price, *$0.75 
What We May Do.—By Anna W. Devereaux. A book of sewing card patterns. 
Forms of life in straight lines. The patterns are practical and artistic. The designs 
are arranged for the puipose of helping kindergartners and primary teachers, and 
pleasing children. Price, $0.60


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