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Catalogue of Bradley's Kindergarten Material and School Aids
Bradley, Milton
Half a Hundred Stories 
For the Little People, by Nearly Half a Hundred Writers. 
The stories are simple and suggestive, and are not only interesting to the little ones, 
but just what a bright teacher needs in getting up her original talks on animals, plants, 
and other natural objects. Price, cloth, $0.75 
Rainy Days and Sunny Days. 
By Kate Whiting Patch. A few pleasing stories for children, by one who knows how 
to write such stories. Price, paper, $0.25 
A translation into German of part of the stories and talks contained in Miss Pouls- 
son’s “ In the Child’s World.” It is handsomely printed in German, well illustrated and 
bound in illuminated boards. Price, $0.75 
Hl Mundo del Nino. 
This is a Spanish translation of a part of Emilie Poulsson’s “ In the Child’s World.” 
Well illustrated and bound in cloth and gilt. Price, $1.00 
Holiday Songs and pvcry-Day Songs and Games. 
By Emilie Poulsson. A new storehouse of music, verses and pictures for NewYear’s 
Day, Valentine’s Day, Washington’s Birthday, Easter, Froebel’s Birthday, Bird Day,' 
Arbor Day, May Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas, 
and for any and every day of the little child’s year. 
Profusely illustrated with large border pictures by L. J. Bridgman. 
This new song book is meeting with marked success, both on account of its intrinsic 
merits and the prestige of Miss Poulsson’s name. In attractive cloth cover, $2.00 
Nature Songs for Children. 
By Mrs. Fanny Snow Knowlton. This is a charming collection of children’s songs, 
admirably adapted to the kindergarten, primary school, and home. There are sixty-five 
songs in the book, divided into groups, as follows: The Months, Flower Songs, Bird 
Songs, Games, Miscellaneous Songs, and Sacred Songs. Price, in gray cloth, $1.00 
For Grace and Pleasure. 
By Martha McC. Barnes. A collection of simple Marches, Dances, Games, and 
Motions, with Songs. Illustrated. Price, boards, $0.35 
Instrumental Sketches for Kindergartners. 
This is a kindergarten music book without words, by Katharine Montz. The object 
of the author is to awaken in the minds of the children various emotions through differ¬ 
ent rhythms atone. Price, cloth, $1.00 
Songs for Little Children. 
Parts I. and II. 
By Eleanor Smith. Part I. of this book was composed and arranged by Miss Smith 
several years ago, being published with an introduction by Mrs. Alice IT. Putnam. It 
has since met with widespread popularity, which is so well maintained as to result in a 
definite demand for Part II. by the kindergartners of Chicago and vicinity. This book, 
which has a large variety of special songs, bids fair to be as popular as the other, and 
the two are made up in this way:—-


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