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Catalogue of Bradley's Kindergarten Material and School Aids
Bradley, Milton
Each month is printed on a separate sheet of gray cardboard, 11 by 14 inches in size, 
and punched at the top ready for hanging. 
Price for the set of twelve, $0.50; by mail, 15 cents must be added for postage. The 
sheet for any month will be sold alone for 5 cents, or 10 cents by mail. 
These pictures are reproduced from Miss Susan E. Blow’s “ Mottoes and Commen¬ 
taries,” and are furnished in four styles, as follows: — 
I. The complete list of forty-six pictures, reprinted from the book, uncolored, per 
hundred, 50 cents, postpaid. 
II. The following pictures (32) are printed in colors from lithographic plates; size of 
pictures, 4X0 inches; size of sheet, 5X7 inches. Per dozen, 18 cents; per hundred, 
$1.25, postpaid. 
Play with the Limbs. 
The Wind. 
All Gone. 
Grass Mowing. 
Beckoning the Chickens. 
Beckoning the Pigeons. 
The Fish in the Brook. 
The Bird’s Nest. 
The Flower Basket. 
The Pigeon House. 
Naming the Fingers. 
The Greeting. 
The Family. 
The Children on the Tower. 
The Child and the Moon. 
The Light-Bird. 
The Shadow Rabbit. 
The Little Window. 
The Carpenter. 
The Bridge. 
The Farm-Yard Gate. 
TheGarden Gate. 
The Little Gardener. 
The Wheelwright. 
The Joiner. 
The Knights and the Good 
The Knights and the Bad 
The Toyman and the 
The Toyman and the Boy. 
The Church. 
III. The following pictures (12) are uncolored; size of pictures, 12X18 inches; size 
of sheet, 17X23inches. Per dozen, $1.25; single, 12 cents, postpaid. 
The Bird's Nest. 
The Wind. 
The Knights and the Good 
The Pigeon House. 
The Fish in the Brook. 
The Little Gardener. 
The Children on the Tower. 
The Greeting. 
The Family. 
The Light-Bird. 
The Child and the Moon. 
IV. The following pictures (4) are artistically printed in colors from stone; size of 
pictures, 10X15 inches; size of sheet, 11X21 inches. Per dozen, $2.00; single, 18 
cents, postpaid. 
The Bridge. Grass Mowing. 
Beckoning the Pigeons. The Wheelwright. 
The Science of Optical Illusions. 
This is apparatus for a series of psychological experiments for the classroom and 
home, prepared under the direction of Prof. Hugo Munsterberg of Harvard University, 
and arranged in three parts. 
Part 1 illustrates Illusions of Length, of Direction, of Form and Size of Figures, and 
of Movement. 
Part 2, Illusions of Special After Effects, Color Mixtures, Light and Color through 
the Influence of the Surroundings, and Indirect Vision. 
Part 3, Illusions of Multiple, Perspective, and Stereoscopic Vision. 
Price for the entire set, $5.00. Part No. 1, alone, $2.00; No. 2, $1.75; No. 3, $1.25 
This name is applied to a collection of material prepared in an economical form to 
exhibit a large number of very important color effects which often seem to be illusions. 
The simple collection of material bearing the above title is equally educational and 
interesting in the home and the school. Price, $0.35; postage, $0.07


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