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Catalogue of Bradley's Kindergarten Material and School Aids
Bradley, Milton
wood bead on one end. When set in the tiles the beaded pegs add much to the 
attractiveness of the design. Price, per box of 144 pegs, $0.25; postage, $0.03 
The teacher needs a set or sheet for each p 
of ten objects of a kind. She will gladly c 
rpil in number work, every set consisting 
it the different objects from the sheets 
herself for the sake of the help they will 
afford her. Each child having received 
a set takes from it the particular number 
which he is studying and proceeds to 
group that number in a way to illustrate 
the problem under consideration. If, for 
instance, he wishes to demonstrate that 
four and two are six, he arranges his 
horses or caps so as to correspond to 
this grouping and then conforms his 
number problems to the picture before 
This assortment of cardboard objects 
comprises thirty different sheets. These 
sheets are sold by the dozen and should 
always be ordered by the numbers given 
in the above cut. If, for example, a 
sheet of ten lamps is wanted, the No. 14 
must be given in the order. 
;, per dozen sheets, $0.12; postage, $0.05 
We are making this money just as we have been doing for the 
past twenty years. The material and denominations of our present 
money are the same as they have always been, the designs alone 
being different from those which had to be dropped because the 
government objected to them. This money is approved by the 
authorities and answers the educational purposes for which it is 
made very well. It is sold in boxes having movable trays, one for 
each denomination, with amounts representing about $1.00. Or if 
wanted in quantities, we will quote special rates. 
Trice, per box, $0.25 
These dials are for teaching time and are made 
in two sizes, one for the teacher and the other for 
the children. The face on the teacher’s size is 
about twelve inches in diameter, and on the back 
of it is printed a series of illustrations and descrip¬ 
tions of the prominent methods for marking time 
used in different ages, showing how the earliest 
division of time was made by simple observations 
of the sun, and also the different devices sub¬ 
sequently invented for the same purpose, which 
will serve as a text for talks by the teacher. 
The child’s clock dial has a face four and a half 
inches in diameter, on thick cardboard. Both 
sizes have movable steel hands. 
Any teacher wishing a lesson on teaching time 
will find it in “ Helps for Ungraded Schools.” 
which we publish and sell for 25 cents, and which 
contains many useful hints for the use of educational material. 
12-inch dial, cloth-bound and varnished, each, .... 
12-inch dial, on thick card, each, . . 
4}£-inch dial, on thick card, each. ... . . 
434-inch dial, per dozen, ........ 


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