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Electrotonus: A physiological demonstration given in the physiological laboratory of the university of Edinburgh
Rutherford, William
the existence of an electrical current in living muscle and nerve, 
and I showed you that the current was diminished in both 
when they were irritated and thereby thrown into action. I 
will now show you the variation produced in the nervous cur¬ 
rent by the electrotonic state. 
I remove the ■fthole length of a fresh sciatic nerve. I make 
an accurate transverse section near its one extremity, and place 
that transverse section in contact with the plate of moist clay 
(o) (Fig. 4) on the cushion (m) of one of the galvanometer 
troughs (see Appendix C). I lay the longitudinal surface of 
the nerve (n) on the cushion of the other trough, and lastly 
lay the nerve upon a pair of wires / and ///connected with 
the same arrangements as before, for generating and directing 
the continuous current. 
Eig. 4. 
Vertical section of Du Bois Reymond’s improved troughs for the Galvanometer, 
m. Cushion of blotting paper dipping into a concentrated solution of sulphate of 
zinc in the trough, o. Plate of moist clay to protect the tissues from the action 
of the sulphate of zinc. h. Handle to move the trough, c. Brass pillar for at¬ 
taching a wire to connect the trough with the Galvanometer, n. Nerve. 
As yet no artificial current has been sent through the nerve 
between / and //, and you see the slight but distinct deflection 
of the needle of the galvanometer which is produced by the 
electrical current derived from the nerve. Now we subject the 
portion of nerve which is generating that current, viz. that be¬ 
tween the cushions, to the influence of the + pole of the con¬ 
tinuous current, that is, we make / the 4- pole ; observe, the 


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