Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

were unknown to us. He drew a map on a small 
piece of paper for us to keep, on which he marked 
bits of useful information. At length, after hours 
of eating and drinking and talking, we fell wholly 
into his plan. The 
Sheikh was sent for, 
and I shall never 
forget his entrance. 
The cabin reeked 
with the smells of a 
recent carouse, when 
the door opened and 
there stood the tall 
Sheikh, marked with 
sand on his forehead 
that indicated recent 
prostration in prayer. 
The pure moonlight 
flooded the Baccha¬ 
nalian cabin, and the 
clear cool desert air 
poured in. I felt 
swinish in the pre¬ 
sence of his Moslem 
purity and imposing 
mien. For all that, wc 
soon came to terms, 
and were to start the day after the morrow. The boat 
was to be sent to Wady Haifa under Bob in chief 
command to await our return there, and we three and 
our three servants were to travel into the unknown 
on the backs of beasts strange to our experience. 
So it all befell.


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