Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

Individuals appear to me as partial detachments 
from the infinite ocean of Being, and this world as 
a stage on which Evolution takes place, principally 
hitherto by means of Natural Selection, which 
achieves the good of the whole with scant regard to 
that of the individual. 
Man is gifted with pity and other kindly feelings ; 
he has also the power of preventing many kinds of 
suffering. I conceive it to fall well within his pro¬ 
vince to replace Natural Selection by other processes 
that are more merciful and not less effective. 
This is precisely the aim of Eugenics. Its first 
object is to check the birth-rate of the Unfit, instead 
of allowing them to come into being, though doomed 
in large numbers to perish prematurely. The second 
object is the improvement of the race by furthering 
the productivity of the Fit by early marriages and 
healthful rearing of their children. Natural Selection 
rests upon excessive production and wholesale destruc¬ 
tion ; Eugenics on bringing no more individuals into 
the world than can be properly cared for, and those only 
of the best stock. 


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