Volltext: Memories of my Life

side of the little river Liane, that feeds the .harbour, 
at which one of our schoolfellows, a gaunt, dyspeptic¬ 
looking boy, performed the following feat to our 
terror and admiration, as we crowded round him to see 
it. He took a frog by its hind feet, opened his wide 
mouth and dropped the frog's fore-feet on his tongue. 
The frog struggled to get free, and at the critical 
moment the hind legs were let go, and down went the 
frog, head foremost, into his gullet. He was our hero 
for the time ; none other dared to attempt the same 
feat. He said that he felt the frog all the way as it 
went down to his stomach, and in it. 
The school was hateful to me in many ways, and 
lovable in none, so I was heartily glad to be taken 
away from it in 1832. I thence returned to my family 
party, who were newly settled in Leamington. It 
then consisted of my father, mother, and three sisters ; 
my brothers were away, and my other sister, Lucy, 
who had married, was living near Birmingham. 
My grandfather Gallon had recently died, and the 
consequent large accession to my father’s income 
justified his change of residence, whch gave him and 
my sisters a wider social intercourse than they had at 
the Larches. Leamington was at that time a little 
place, attractive to many eminent invalids, who 
drank the waters and consulted Dr. Jephson, then 
becoming celebrated. 
I was next sent to a small private school at 
Kenilworth, consisting of some half-dozen pupils, 
where I received much kindness, and breathed the 
air of unconstraint during three happy years. It was 
kept by Mr. Attwood, the clergyman of the parish 
(a near relative of the inventor of “ Attwood’s


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