Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

early age a great deal of Scott, of Milton, and of 
Pope’s translation of the Iliad and Odyssey, and that 
I delighted in what the family nicknamed “spouting” 
verse. In middle life I feared that I had been an 
intolerable prig, and cross-questioned many old family 
friends about it, but was invariably assured that I 
was not at all a prig, but seemed to “ spout ” for pure 
enjoyment and without any affectation ; that I often 
quoted very aptly on the spur of the moment, and 
that I was a nice little child. My memories become 
more or less continuous from about the age of five 
or six, when I was trotted off to live at a dame’s school 
a mile away. During these and many subsequent 
years, my sister Adele had the greater share of my 
heart, and whenever I was at home I stayed by her 
sofa-side most of the day. My other sisters teased 
and petted me alternately ; they were relatively too 
old to be really companions. 
It is curious how unchangeable characters are : my 
eldest sister was just, my youngest was merciful. 
When my bread was buttered for me as a child, the 
former picked out the butter that filled the big holes, 
the latter did not. Consequently I respected the 
former, and loved the latter. A memory of this 
trifling occurrence remained inseparably connected 
in my mind with these dear sisters all my life, and I 
often amused them by referring to it. 
My second sister, Lucy, married before I was ten 
years old. She was bright, lovable, and very original. 
Her house was like a second home to me during the 
four years of boyhood that I spent at llirmingham. 
1 have indeed been fortunate in receiving the sisterly 
affection that has fallen to my lot.


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