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like Kahichené. The smaller ones feared our weapons 
and the mystery attached to white men coming from 
afar, who might be in friendly relations with their 
dreaded enemies, so I was able to slip through their 
lawless country with comparative ease. 
Ovambendé proved to be of no importance. It 
was nothing more than a long reach in a then dry 
river-bed, which would, however, assume a very 
different aspect after heavy rains. By the time we 
had arrived there, the tales concerning a different 
race called the Ovampo, who lived to the northwards 
beyond the Damaras, had become more and more 
consistent and exciting, and gave a fresh impetus 
to proceed. The Damara limit is marked on the 
map ; the axle of one of my wagons broke just 
before reaching it. Consequently I made a camp 
near a friendly Damara chief, and left the wagons, 
with Hans and the drivers, to be repaired in the way 
familiar to Boers, and started for Ovampo land with 
Anclersson and three men on ride-oxen. I also took 
three laden pack-oxen and a few loose ones in reserve, 
to furnish food if needed. 
A caravan travels every six months from Ovampo 
land to buy Damara cattle, stopping at the very place 
where we had been. Another caravan similarly travels 
along the Kaoko (see map) between Damara land 
and the sea. We met one of the former of these 
caravans a little after we had started, so we returned 
for a while to our old camp, and finally went back to 
Ovampo land with it. These Ovampo were under 
strict discipline, secret and very resolute. I could 
not do what 1 liked in their company, but had to 
depend on their plans. The will of their king


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