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well. Now the sore was of a chronic kind, very- 
familiar to me when at the Birmingham Hospital. 
There was an outgrowth of what patients like to 
call “proud flesh,” upon which a slight cautery often 
acts like a charm. It stimulates the vitality of the 
part and causes it to act normally. It did so in this 
case. I rubbed the sore lightly over with nitrate of 
silver, which hurt at the time, but eventually gave 
him the first good night’s rest he had enjoyed for 
months. Thenceforward his finger rapidly improved 
and healed, and he felt and looked himself again. 
I bought all his live stock of fifty oxen and one 
hundred sheep and goats at a single swoop, by a 
cheque on Cape Town for £71. Hans himself 
became a most valuable and efficient servant and 
friend. In brief, he and Andersson went down to the 
coast with the new oxen, to break them in and 
to bring up the wagons, while I remained partly at 
the Mission Station No. 2, and afterwards at No. 3, 
where Mr. Hugo Hahn, a very accomplished man, 
who had married an English wife, was the resident 
Mr. Hahn possessed all the extant knowledge 
about the Damaras, and was greatly interested in 
my proposed expedition. Information about the 
wretched state of the country was gradually obtained. 
It came to this, that the four tribes of Namaquas 
under Jonker, Cornelius, Amiral, and Swartboy 
respectively, well provided with horses and guns, had 
made many successive raids upon the Damaras, 
lifting cattle and selling them. They usually sent 
the stolen animals overland to the Cape. Some¬ 
times when opportunity occurred they sold them


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