Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

sisters (if any) of each of those ancestors. (Importance 
will be attached both to the completeness with which 
each family of brothers and sisters is described, and also 
to the number of persons so described.) 
“ (c) By the character of the evidence upon which the 
information is based. 
“ (d) By the clearness and conciseness with which the 
statements and remarks are made. 
“ The Extracts must be legibly entered either in the 
tabular forms contained in the copy of the ‘ Record of 
Family Faculties ’ (into which, if more space is wanted, 
additional pages may be stitched), or they may be 
written in any other book with pages of the same size 
as those of the Record, provided that the information be 
arranged in the same tabular form and order. (It will 
be obvious that uniformity in the arrangement of docu¬ 
ments is of primary importance to those who examine 
and collate a large number of them.) 
“ Each competitor must furnish the name and address 
of a referee of good social standing (magistrate, clergy¬ 
man, lawyer, medical practitioner, &c.), who is personally 
acquainted with his family, and of whom inquiry may 
be made, if desired, as to the general trustworthiness of 
the competitor. 
“ The Extracts must be sent prepaid and by post, 
addressed to Francis Galton, 42 Rutland Gate, London, 
S.W. It will be convenient if the letters ‘ R.F.F.’ 
(Record of Family Faculties) be written in the left- 
hand corner of the parcel, below the address.


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