Volltext: Natural inheritance

found wherever the book is opened, relate to the same family. The 
open book is ruled so as to resemble the accompanying schedule, 
which is drawn on a reduced scale on page 261. The printing within 
the compartments of the schedule does not appear in the MS. books, 
it is inserted here merely to show to whom each compartment refers. 
It will be seen that the paternal ancestry are described in the left 
page, the maternal in the right. The method of arrangement is 
quite orderly, but not altogether uniform. To avoid an unpleasing 
arrangement like a tree with branches, and which is very wasteful 
of space, each grandparent and his own two parents are arranged in 
a set of three compartments one above the other. There are, of 
course, four grandparents and therefore four such sets in the 
schedule. Reference to the examples A and B pages 252 and 253 will 
show how these compartments are filled up. The rest of the Schedule 
explains itself. The children of the pedigree are written below 
the compartment assigned to the mother and her brothers and 
sisters ; the spare spaces are of much occasional service, to receive 
the overflow from some of the already tilled compartments as well 
as for notes. It is astonishing how much can be got into such a 
schedule by writing on ruled paper with the lines one-sixth of an 
inch apart, which is not too close for use. Of course the writing 
must be small, but it may be bold, and the figuros should be written 
very distinctly. 
For a less ambitious attempt, including the grandparents and 
their fraternity, but not going further back, the left-hand page 
would suffice, placing “ Children ” where “ Father " now stands, 
“ Father’s Father ’’ for “ Father,” and so on throughout.


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