Volltext: Natural inheritance

Incipient Structure.—Filial relation.—Stable Forms.—Subordinate posi¬ 
tions of Stability.—Model.—Stability of Sports.—Infertility of mixed 
Types.—Evolution not by minute steps only. 
Incipient Structure.—The total heritage of each man 
must include a greater variety of material than was 
utilised informing his personal structure. The existence 
in some latent form of an unused portion is proved by 
his power, already alluded to, of transmitting ancestral 
characters that he did not personally exhibit. There¬ 
fore the organised structure of each individual should be 
viewed as the fulfilment of only one out of an indefinite 
number of mutually exclusive possibilities. His struc¬ 
ture is the coherent and more or less stable development 
of what is no more than an imperfect sample of a large 
variety of elements. 
The precise conditions under which each several 
element or particle (whatever may be its nature) finds 
its way into the sample are, it is needless to repeat, 
unknown, but we may provisionally classify them under 
one or other of the following three categories, as they


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