Volltext: Natural inheritance

obtain precise information concerning the penumbra 
of uncertainty that attaches itself to single predic¬ 
tions. It would be premature to speak further of 
this at present ; what has been said is enough to give 
a clue to the chief motive of this chapter. Its 
intention has been to show the large part that is always 
played by chance in the course of hereditary transmission, 
and to establish the importance of an intelligent use of 
the laws of chance and of the statistical methods that 
are based upon them, in expressing the conditions 
under which heredity acts. 
I may here point out that, as the processes of statis¬ 
tics are themselves processes of intimate blendings, their 
results are the same, whether the materials had been 
partially blended or not, before they were statistically 
taken in hand.


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