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they did. They form what is well expressed by the 
word “ traits," traits of feature and character—that is to 
say, continuous features and not isolated points. 
"We appear, then, to be severally built up out of a 
host of minute particles of whose nature we know 
nothing, any one of which may be derived from any 
one progenitor, but which are usually transmitted in 
aggregates, considerable groups being derived from 
the same progenitor. It would seem that while the 
embryo is developing itself, the particles more or less 
qualified for each new post wait as it were in com¬ 
petition, to obtain it. Also that the particle that 
succeeds, must owe its success partly to accident of 
position and partly to being better qualified than any 
equally well placed competitor to gain a lodgment. 
Thus the step by step development of the embryo 
cannot fail to be influenced by an incalculable number 
of small and mostly unknown circumstances. 
Family Likeness and Individual Variation.—Natural 
peculiarities are apparently due to two broadly different 
causes, the one is Family Likeness and the other is In¬ 
dividual Variation. They seem to be fundamentally 
opposed, and to require independent discussion, but this 
is not the case altogether, nor- indeed in the greater part. 
It will soon be understood how the conditions that pro¬ 
duce a general resemblance between the offspring and 
their parents, must at the same time give rise to a con¬ 
siderable amount of individual differences. Therefore I 
need not discuss Family Likeness and Individual Varia-


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