Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

English men of science: their nature and nurture
Galton, Francis
to the nearest integer the cube root of any 
number not exceeding two thousand millions. 
First inventor (1835) of rotatory printing, the 
method which, with slight changes of detail, 
is still in use for newspapers. Rewarded by 
three separate grants, viz., in 1846 by a public 
testimonial of the value of 13,360^., in 1864 
by the award from the Treasury of his full 
salary of 2,OOOZ. a year on his retirement, and 
in the same year by a parliamentary grant 
of 20,000Z. (2) Matthew Davenport Hill, Q.C., 
late recorder of Birmingham ; law reformer of 
note, especially in reference to dealings with 
the criminal class, substituting promptitude, 
certainty and strictness for delay, uncertainty 
and severity (see Law Magazine, July 1872) ; 
(3) Edwin Hill, superintendent of the stamp 
department ; first inventor of the envelope 
folding-machine, since improved by Mr. De la 
Rue. He completely remodelled the stamping 
machinery at Somerset House ; was most highly 
commended for these improvements in each 
of the first three reports of the commissioners 
of Inland Revenue, and again by a minute on


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