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English men of science: their nature and nurture
Galton, Francis
Dakwin.—There are many instances in this 
family of a love for natural history and theory, 
and of an aptitude for collecting facts in business¬ 
like but peculiar ways. Speaking from private 
sources of knowledge, I am sure that these cha¬ 
racteristics are hereditary rather than traditional ; 
there is also a strong element of individuality in 
the race which is adverse to traditional influence. 
First generation.—(1) Erasmus Darwin, M.D., 
F.R.S., physician, physiologist and poet. His 
“ Botanic Garden ” had an immense reputation at 
the time it was written ; for, besides its intrinsic 
merits, it chimed in with the sentiments and 
mode of expression of his day. The ingenuhy of 
Dr. Darwin’s numerous writings and theories is 
truly remarkable. He was held in very high 
esteem by his scientific friends, including such cele¬ 
brities as Priestley and James Watt, and it is by a 
man’s position among his contemporaries and 
competitors that his worth may most justly be 
appraised. Unfortunately for his memory, he has 
had no good biographer. He was a man of great 
vigour, humour and geniality (Miss Seward’s life of 
him, and latterly a pamphlet by Dr. Richardson ;


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