Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

English men of science: their nature and nurture
Galton, Francis
The birthplaces of scientific men and of their 
parents are usually in towns, away from the sea 
coast. Out of every 5 birthplaces I find that 1 
lies in London or its suburbs ; 1 in an important 
town, such as Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dublin, Bir¬ 
mingham, Liverpool, or Manchester ; 1 is in a small 
town ; and 2 either in a village or actually in the 
country. These returns are given with more 
detail in the foot-note.1 The branch of science 
pursued is often in curious disaccord with the 
surrounding influence of the birthplace. Mecha¬ 
nicians are usually hardy lads born in the country, 
biologists are frequently pure townsfolk. Partly 
in consequence of the prevalence of their urban 
distribution I find that an irregular plot may be 
marked on the map of England which includes 
much less than one-half of its area, but more than 
92 per cent, of the birthplaces of the English 
scientific men or of their parents. The accom¬ 
panying diagram shows its position ; one thin 
1 London, 16 ; suburbs, 5; = 21. Edinburgh and Glasgow, 
7 ; Cork, Belfast, and Dublin, 6 ; Birmingham, Liverpool, 
and Manchester, 5 ; total = 18. Smaller towns, 21 ; else¬ 
where, 40. General total, 100.


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