Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

as seen in the .'..., combined with what I 
may call the accident of having been allowed 
to explore part of it in an official capacity. 
(14) Largely determined by my service in north 
polar and equatorial expeditions. 
Geology.—(7) Subsequently much influenced 
by being thrown, at æt. 19, on my own judg¬ 
ment and resources in founding a miniDg colony 
in the backwoods of ... . and carrying it out 
quite alone. 
Zoology.—(2) Strongly confirmed and directed 
by the voyage in the .... (13) My appoint¬ 
ment to the surveying ship .... made me a 
comparative anatomist, by affording opportuni¬ 
ties for the investigation of the structure of the 
lower animals. 
Botany.—(5) They were directed to botany 
purely through accidental circumstances [which 
led to a prolonged residence in an imperfectly 
civilized country].


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