Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

men, commanders, or statesmen, or, still more, 
of divines. 
Physics and Mathematics.—(10) The origin 
of my interest in .... is mainly due to my 
father’s knowledge of geology, navigation, and 
engineering. (11) Primarily derived [both by 
education and inheritance] from my father. 
Chemistry.—(3) Permission to carry on little 
experiments at home, in a room set apart for 
the purpose..... Subsequently residing abroad 
and my mother making a home for me there. 
(4) I was taught at home with my brothers ; 
we had always the example of industry, and were 
encouraged to think for ourselves. (8) My 
father gave me [some books on chemistry, 
and] I owe to my mother a child’s curiosity 
and afterward a man's reverence for scientific 
truth, (ll) My tastes received no encourage¬ 
ment whatever from relations, my mother 
Geology.—(1) My father and an aunt collected 
specimens. (4) I was indebted in a high degree


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