Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

is one that I can never consent to underrate ; 
but that influence is towards enthusiasm and 
love (as distinguished from philanthropy), not 
towards calm judgment, nor, inclusively, towards 
science. In many respects the character of 
scientific men is strongly anti-feminine ; their 
mind is directed to facts and abstract theories, 
and not to persons or human interests. The 
man of science is deficient in the purely emo¬ 
tional element, and in the desire to influence 
the beliefs of others. Thus I find that 2 out 
of every 10 do not care for politics at all ; 
they are devoid of partisanship. They school 
a naturally equable and independent mind to 
a still more complete subordination to their 
judgment. In many respects they have little 
sympathy with female ways of thought. It 
is a curious proof of this, that in the very 
numerous answers which have reference to 
parental influence, that of the father is quoted 
three times as often as that of the mother. 
It would not have been the case, judging 
from inquiries I elsewhere made, if I had 
been discussing the antecedents of literary


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