Volltext: English men of science: their nature and nurture

little chemistry ; made lace with bobbins of 
his own contriving..... It was said, 
' Nothing escapes that boy’s eyes.’ ” (a, d) 
(8) “ To my father’s encouragement of a 
natural inclination.” (a, e) 
(9) “ I cannot trace the origin of my interest 
in any particular branch of science further than 
that as far as regards .... botany, I was thrown 
into the society of a gentleman who took much 
interest in it. My scientific tastes originated, as 
a matter of fact, after leaving .... [the uni¬ 
versity].” (/) 
(10) “ Not innate. I trace the origin of my 
botanical tastes to leisure ; to the accidental 
receipt of De Candolle’s ‘ Flore française,’ whilst 
resident in that country ; and to encouragement 
from my mother. They were determined after¬ 
wards by independence (considering my absence 
of ambition to rise in the world) and by friend¬ 
ship and encouragement from . . . . , the four 
greatest British botanists of the day.” (b, e, f)


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