Volltext: English men of science: their nature and nurture

ration. It has not unfrequently happened to me 
to hear a remark or statement, which I had made 
to one of its members, alluded to by another, 
in which case I have been usually astonished at 
the precision with which it was repeated. The. 
repetition of the statement retained the precise 
shade of sense that I originally intended to con¬ 
vey, yet it was almost always presented in a 
simpler and more striking form. The essentials 
had been truthfully adhered to ; the non- 
essentials were pruned off and the language 
was improved. The rarity of a faculty like 
this is easily tested by the experience of the 
well-known game of “ Russian Scandal,” and has 
probably been impressed on most of us when 
we have discovered some misrepresentation of 
what we did or said. Truthfulness of expres¬ 
sion adds greatly to the charm of life ; it gives 
a grateful sense of confidence towards those 
who are distinguished for it and it makes con¬ 
versation more real and far more interesting. 
There is an exact parallel between truthfulness 
of expression in speech and that of delineation 
in drawing. In the earliest sketch it is far


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