Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

the happiness of "seeing my mother follow me 
into the . . . Church.” [I regret that I am 
unable, with propriety, to. give fuller extracts 
from the most interesting and instructive replies 
of this correspondent.] 
Religious bias, with intellectual scepticism.— 
1. “ I have not cultivated independence of 
judgment in religious matters ; I have shrunk 
from so doing in order to retain peace of 
mind and leisure for my varied studies.” 2. 
“ Much religious bias of thought, but no re¬ 
spect for revealed religion as a base for 
such a bias.” 3. “ Eeligious bias towards 
natural theology strong, as distinguished from 
dogma of any kind.” 4. “I have, perhaps, a 
religious bias from early habits and associations, 
rather than from temperament ; but I have 
always had more pleasure in sacred than in 
secular music, which, perhaps, shows the pre¬ 
dominance of the emotional tendency.” 5. “ A 
profound religious tendency, capable of fanati¬ 
cism, but tempered by no less profound theological 


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