Volltext: English men of science: their nature and nurture

ii.] QUALITIES. 125 
to be interested in things more than in persons. 
One would have expected to find it developed 
among physicists ; and, as a fact, eight of them 
possess it in a high degree, and similarly 
among mechanicians and engineers, all of whom 
must possess it, and four of whom testify to 
it, but it seems just as strong among the rest. 
Here are instances and extracts :— 
Chemistry.—1. “ Constructed a reflecting 
telescope, with 12-inch aperture.” 2. “Ground, 
polished, and silvered a 7-inch glass speculum, 
and mounted it equatorially.” Geology.—3. 
“Considerable mechanical skill.” Biology.—4. 
“ Always fond of constructing ; school nickname, 
‘Archimedes.’ If I had followed my profession 
should probably have been [very successful as] 
an engineer.” 5. “Very fond of mechanical 
contrivances. Invented and made my own toys 
as a child. Mechanical tastes are still largely 
indulged in intervals of leisure.” 6. “Special 
love of mechanics ; a good amateur cabinet¬ 
maker and blacksmith. Made lithotri tes.” 7. 
“Talent for mechanics.” 8. [Was extremely 
ingenious in devising modes of preserving and


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