Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

[I am informed verbally by this correspondent, 
that he is obliged to abstain from writing out 
his addresses, &c., beforehand, otherwise he 
has found the memory of what he wrote to be 
so strong and exacting as to make it difficult 
to him to deviate from it and accommodate his 
language to the current temper of his audience.] 
“ Mother—Excellent memory.” 
3. “ Considerable, both verbal and objective ; 
great facility in quotations ; familiarity with 
large collections of coins and specimens. 
“ Father and Mother—both good memories.” 
4. “ In childhood, all the Psalms, old ver¬ 
sion ; much old English poetry ; afterwards, 
nearly the whole Latin grammar (Eton), Virgil, 
Ovid, Lucan ; still later, considerable parts of 
the Iliad, Odyssey, &c., could be, and partly can 
[still] be, repeated ex memoriâ ; zoological, 
botanical, mineralogical and paleontological 
names in abundance.” 
5. “ My memory was very good. I remember 
as a boy, to have read Schiller’s ‘ Thirty Years’


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