Volltext: English men of science: their nature and nurture

during fatigue. In mind—Energetic as far as 
health permits. Much occupied professionally, 
but when well, capable of vigorously following up 
the science of .... in leisure hours. 
“ Father—Energetic in body as far as his 
health allowed; in mind, very energetic. His 
brain-work from an early age was very large in 
amount, and he was vigorous and sanguine about 
anything he undertook. Mother—Very languid ; 
incapable of any bodily exertion. Very little 
energy of mind ; too languid to take much in¬ 
terest in anything beyond her own family.” 
I may mention that energy appears to be 
correlated with smallness of head, a fact which 
is well illustrated here, although the average 
circumference of head among the scientific men 
is great. Energy is also, as we have seen, 
strongly marked among them; but it is much 
more strongly marked among those who have 
small heads. I have ninety-nine returns, many 
of which I have verified myself, using the hat


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