Volltext: English men of science: their nature and nurture

From Saturday afternoons to Monday mornings 
would walk forty to fifty miles [in pursuit of a 
branch of natural history]. Could work hard at 
business all day (and a very anxious business), 
and at evening and night would work hard at 
[two branches of science]. Found a wonderful 
relief in science. 
“ Father—Energetic in travelling ; great energy 
in business.” 
38. “For several years was engaged in full 
medical practice, and at the same time was a 
lecturer on . . . and engaged in investigations 
on .... for which the Royal medal was awarded 
by the Royal Society. 
“ Father and Mother—Both of active habits.” 
39. “ In professional life I have often been up 
three successive nights without distress, but did 
not like a fourth, if it came. Consider that my 
limit. In mind—Wrote .... [a considerable 
work] between eleven p.m. and two A..M., after 
professional hours. All the time that I have 
devoted to science has been stolen from strictly


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