Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

for five years ; Used to row a great deal in heavy 
31. “ I possess considerable bodily energy, and 
when young excelled in fencing, swimming, and 
the high jump. In mind—Have worked hard 
with my brain for the last thirty-five years, 
almost without intermission. 
“ Father—Considerable bodily energy, and 
a good pedestrian. Mother—Sluggish bodily 
powers, but in mind most energetic when once 
roused to action by a subject that interested her 
32. “ Sufficiently patient of ordinary fatigue, 
cold, and hunger, to enable me to enjoy travelling 
in unfrequented countries when my companions 
suffered much discomfort. In mind—Can com¬ 
monly work from twelve to fourteen hours a day 
without any remarkable amount of exhaustion. 
Father—Capable of enduring fatigue.” 
33. [This is a case of extraordinary mental 
activity, as shown by evidence which I do not 
feel justified in quoting. It was rewarded by


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