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Hereditary Genius: An Inquiry Into its Laws and Consequences
Galton, Francis
among the 196 worthies selected on their own merits by 
Middleton, as the pick of two centuries and a half; and 
at least three others are mentioned by the same writer in 
terms of very high commendation. 
Suabian peasant. 
Theophilus. Simon' John James.* Tobias. 
Guyse, John (1680—1761, æt. 81); an eminent and excellent 
divine ; minister at Hertford. His health was poor, and 
he was overworked and hectic, but his vigour was little 
abated till near his death. It was his constant study to 
make every one about him happy. He was thoroughly 
amiable, and had many excellent 'ministerial gifts. 
[F. and /] Parents very pious and worthy. 
S. Rev. William ; of excellent abilities and ministerial talents, 
who was for some time his assistant, but who died two 
years before him. 
Henry, Philip (1631—1696, set 65); educated at Westminster 
and Oxford. When a young clergyman, he went by the 
name of the “ Heavenly Henry.” He devoted his whole 
powers to the ministry. His constitution was but tender, 
yet by great carefulness in diet and exercise he enjoyed 
a fair amount of health. Married a Welsh lady of some 
fortune, and had one son and four daughters. 
His father was named John Henry, himself the son of Henry 
Williams, the father’s Christian name becoming the son’s 
surname, according to the old Welsh custom. 
f. His mother was a very pious woman, who took great pains 
with him and with her other children. 
S. Matthew Henry.* See below. 
Henry, Matthew (1662—1714, æt. 52); was a child of extra¬ 
ordinary pregnancy and forwardness. His father said of 
him, “ Præterque ætatem nil puerile fuit,”—there was 
nothing of the child in him except his years ; was but 
weakly when young, but his constitution strengthened 
Professor at Basle.


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