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Hereditary Genius: An Inquiry Into its Laws and Consequences
Galton, Francis
who are not mentioned as being vigorous in constitution. 
They are 3 or 4 in number, according as Trosse is omitted 
or included. 1. William. Perkyns, d. æt. 43; a “ cheerful, 
pleasant man ; ” was wild and a spendthrift at Cambridge, 
and not converted till æt. 24. 2. Bunyan ; vicious in youth, 
was converted in a wild,, irregular way, and had many 
backslidings throughout his career. 3. Trosse, d. æt. 82. 
His biography is deficient in particulars about which one 
would like to be informed, but his long life, following a 
bad beginning, appears to be a sign of an unusually strong 
constitution, and to qualify him for insertion in my first 
category. He was sent to France to learn the language, and 
he learnt also every kind of French rascality. The same 
process was repeated in Portugal. The steps by which 
his character became remarkably changed are not recorded, 
neither are his personal characteristics. [4.] T. Jones, d.æt. 
32, has already been included among the invalids, having 
been wild in youth but rendered pious by serious and 
lingering ill-health. 
I now come to the relationships of the Divines. Recol¬ 
lecting that there are only 196 of them altogether, that 
they are selected from the whole of Protestant Europe at 
the average rate of 2 men in 3 years, the following results 
are quite as remarkable as those met with in the other 
17 out of the 196 are interrelated. Thus Simon Grynæus 
is uncle of Thomas, who is father of John James, and there 
are others of note in this remarkable family of peasant 
origin. Whitaker’s maternal uncle was Dr. Nowell. Robert 
Abbot, Bishop of Salisbury, is brother to Archbishop 
Abbot. Downe’s maternal uncle was Bishop Jewell. 
Dod’s grandson (daughter’s son) was Bishop Wilkins. 
William Gouge was father of Thomas Gouge. Philip 
Henry was father to Matthew Henry. Ebenezer Erskine 
was brother to Ralph Erskine.


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