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Hereditary Genius: An Inquiry Into its Laws and Consequences
Galton, Francis
with considerable taste, from designs both of landscape 
and figures. 
Vecelli, Tiziano da Cadore (Titian), (1477—1576); the 
great founder of the true principles of colouring. Showed 
considerable ability at the age of 18, and he painted until 
his death, by the plague, set. 99. 
There are eight or nine good painters in this remarkable 
family : Bryan mentions six of them in his Dictionary, but 
it seems that he is not quite accurate as to their relation¬ 
ships. The annexed genealogical tree is compiled from 
Northcote’s descriptions. All those whose names appear 
in the diagram are painters. The connecting links indi¬ 
cated by crosses are, singularly enough, every one of them 
Marco. X Pomponio. Horatio. 
I I 
Tizianello. Thomaso. 
B. and 2 S. Titian’s brother, Francesco, and two sons, Pomponio 
and Horatio, had all of them great abilities. The brother 
was chiefly engaged in military duties, and was never able 
to make a profession of painting. The sons wanted the 
stimulus of poverty, but there is no doubt of their large 
natural capacities for art. 
[/] Lucia ; was a very able woman. 
UP., 2 UPS. The other relationships, though distant, are in¬ 
teresting as showing the persistent artistic quality of the 
Vecelli race. 
Velde, William van der (the Younger), (1633—1707). Is ac¬ 
counted the best marine painter that ever lived. Walpole 
says of him that he is “ the greatest man that has appeared 
in this branch of painting : the palm is not less disputed 
Francesco. Titian. 
1 r 1 
Fabricio, Cesare.


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