Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

Hereditary Genius: An Inquiry Into its Laws and Consequences
Galton, Francis
Mendelssohn, Bartholdy; had an early and strong disposition 
towards music; first published æt. 15. 
G. Moses Mendelssohn, a celebrated Jewish philosopher, who 
wrote, among other matters, on the aesthetics of music 
He was precocious. 
F. Abraham Mendelssohn, a rich banker in Berlin. His son 
says to him, “ I often cannot understand how it is 
possible to have so acute a judgment with regard to 
music without being yourself technically informed.” 
(Letters, ii. 80.) 
[2 U.] His uncles were well-informed men. One was associated 
with Abraham in the bank ; he wrote on Dante ; also on 
the currency. The other was a hard student. 
b. Very musical; as a pianist she was Mendelssohn’s equal, and 
of high genius. She was also very affectionate. 
Meyerbeer, James (the name is really Beer) ; was exceedingly 
precocious. He played brilliantly æt. 6, and was amongst 
the best pianists of Berlin æt. 9. He began to publish 
compositions æt. 19, and d. æt. 70. 
B. William Meyerbeer, the astronomer—Map of the Moon. 
B. Michael Beer, a poet of high promise, who died young. 
Mozart, J. C. Wolfgang ; was exceedingly precocious as a child— 
quite a prodigy in music. He played beautifully æt. 4, 
and composed much of real merit between the ages of 
4 and 6. He overworked himself, and d. æt. 35. 
F. Leopold Mozart; famous violinist. His method, which he 
published, was considered for fifty years to be the best 
work of its kind. He composed a great deal. 
b. Was a hopeful musician as a child, and excellent pianist, but 
she did not succeed in after-life. 
S. Charles Mozart ; cultivated music as an amateur, and played 
with distinguished talent, but nothing more is recorded 
of him. 
S. Wolfgang Amedée ; born four months after his father’s 
death ; was a distinguished performer, and has composed 
a good deal, but has not risen to high eminence as a 
Palestrina, Jean Pierluigi de (b. ?—died 1594); composer of 
Church music ; one of the most illustrious of names in 
the history of music, yet nothing is known of his parent-


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