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Hereditary Genius: An Inquiry Into its Laws and Consequences
Galton, Francis
Chaucer, Geoffrey; wrote the “ Court of Love” æt. 18. Illus¬ 
trious poet ; father of English poetry and, in some sense, 
of the English language also. 
S. Sir Thomas ; was Speaker of the House of Commons and 
ambassador to France. 
Chenier, André Marie de ; eminent French poet. His mother 
was a Greek, and inspired him with a passionate taste for 
Greek literature. He was guillotined æt. 32. It was he 
who touched his forehead on the scaffold, and said 
regretfully, just before his execution, “ Pourtant j’avais 
quelque chose là.” 
B. Marie-Joseph ; also a poet He wrote dramas and lyrical 
pieces. Among the latter was the “ Chant du Départ,” 
which nearly rivalled the “ Marseillaise.” He was a 
leading politician under the republic and the empire. 
His first play was acted æt. 20, and was hissed. 
Coleridge, Samuel Taylor ; poet and metaphysician ; was filled 
with poetry and metaphysics æt. 15 ; always slothful and 
imprudent. He had warm friendships, but was singularly 
regardless of duties, and somewhat querulous ; of a pecu¬ 
liarly hesitating disposition ; opium eater. Fully eight 
members of this family—indeed, nearly all of its male 
representatives—have been gifted with rare abilities. 
S. Hartley, poet ; a precocious child, who had been a visionary 
boy. His imaginative and colloquial powers were extra¬ 
ordinary. He was morbidly intemperate. 
s. Sara ; had in a remarkable degree the intellectual charac¬ 
teristics of her father. She was authoress and principal 
editor of her father’s works. She married her cousin, 
H. Nelson Coleridge, and was mother of Herbert. See below. 
S. The Rev. Derwent Coleridge, author, Principal of St. Mark’s 
College, Chelsea ; is the remaining child of the poet. 
N. Sir John Taylor Coleridge, judge ; eminent in early life as 
an accomplished scholar and man of letters. 
N. Edward Coleridge, master at Eton, now fellow. 
N. Henry Nelson Coleridge, scholar; a well-known writer of many 
articles in periodieals ; married his cousin Sara. See above. 
P. also BP. Herbert Coleridge, philologist. 
[NS.] Henry, late Fellow of Oriel College; now Roman Catholic. 
NS. Sir John Duke Coleridge, Solicitor-General.


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