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Hereditary Genius: An Inquiry Into its Laws and Consequences
Galton, Francis
bear contradiction. He studied the history of government 
in all its branches, and had an intimate knowledge of men 
and their tempers. Was of extraordinary courage and 
[Pr.] Dorothy, Waller’s “ Saccharissa.” 
Up. Sir Henry Montagu, ist Earl of Manchester, Ch. Just King’s 
Bench. See Montagu (in Judges) for this most remark¬ 
able family, whose high qualities appear to have been 
mainly derived through an infusion of the Sydney blood, 
inasmuch as of the vast number of the other descendants 
of the first Ch. Just. Montagu in Henry VIII.’s reign, no 
line was distinguished except this that had mixed its 
blood with that of the Sydneys. 
3 £7pS. Baron Kimbolton ; Walter Montagu, Abbot of Pontoise; 
and the ist Earl Sandwich, the great admiral. 
8 f7pP. ist Duke of Montagu ; William Montagu, Ch. Baron 
Exchequer; Charles Montagu, ist E. of Halifax; Francis 
North, ist Lord Guilford, Lord Chancellor; and his three 
brothers ; Charles Hatton, “ the incomparable.” 
Still more could be said, but I refer the reader to the 
Montagu genealogy. 
Taylors of Norwich. This family—Mrs. Austen being the most 
eminent among its deceased members—contains a large 
number of well-known names. The Martineau section 
also includes a large amount of diffused ability, much more 
than would be supposed from the scanty records in the 
annexed diagram. Many of its members have attained 
distinction in the law, in the arts, and in the army. The 
Nonconformist element runs strong, in the blood of the 
Martineaus and Taylors. 
(1) (See pedigree on next page!) The five sons were— 
John and Philip Taylor, both of them men of science. 
Richard, editor of the “ Diversions of Purley ” and of the 
Philosophical Magazine. 
Edward, Gresham Professor of Music. 
Arthur, F.S.A., author of “ The Glory of Regality.” 
(2) The three grandsons are— 
Edgar Taylor, an accomplished writer on legal subjects, and 
translator of Grimm’s “ Popular Tales.” 
Emily, a pleasing poetess.


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