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Hereditary Genius: An Inquiry Into its Laws and Consequences
Galton, Francis
while still a boy, for political reasons ; also one daughter, 
as follows— 
s. Julia, married to Pompey, and greatly beloved by him 
(though the marriage was merely made up for political 
reasons) and by the whole nation. She was singularly 
endowed with ability, virtue, and beauty. Died prema¬ 
turely, four years after her marriage, from the shock of 
a serious alarm, when she was advanced in pregnancy. 
f Aurelia : Seems to have been no ordinary woman ; she care¬ 
fully watched over the education of her children, and Cæsar 
always treated her with the greatest affection and respect. 
n. Atia, the mother of Augustus, who carefully tended his edu¬ 
cation, and who is classed along with Cornelia, the mother 
of the Gracchi, and Aurelia, the mother of Cæsar. 
«S. Augustus Cæsar, ist Emperor of Rome. The public opinion 
of his own time considered him to be an excellent prince 
and statesman. He was adopted by Cæsar, who rated 
him very highly, and devoted much time out of his busy 
life to his education. He had great caution and modera¬ 
tion. Was very successful as a general in early life, after 
the death of Julius Cæsar. Married three wives, but left 
only one daughter. 
U. Sex. Julius Cæsar; Consul, B.c. 91. 
?. Mark Antony. His mother belonged to the family of Julius 
Cæsar, but in what degree she was connected with it is 
(Caius Marius, the general, married the aunt (u.) of Julius 
Cæsar, but had no children by her : Marius the younger, 
who had much of the character and ability of Caius, being 
only an adopted son.) 
Charlemagne, founder of the Germanic Empire and a great 
general. Began his wars æt. 30 ; died æt. 72. Was an 
eminent legislator and great patron of learning. Had very 
many children, including Louis le Débonnaire, both legi¬ 
timate and illegitimate. 
GF. Pepin le Gros (de Heristhal), general of distinction. He 
put an end to the Merovingian dynasty, and was virtual 
sovereign of France. 
G. Charles Martel. See below. 
F. Pepin le Bref, the first of the Carlovingian kings of France.


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