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Hereditary Genius: An Inquiry Into its Laws and Consequences
Galton, Francis
Walpole, Sir Robert, continued— 
S. Horace; famous in literature and art. Strawberry Hill. 
Excellent letter-writer : Byron speaks of his letters as 
incomparable. Gouty. Died set. 80. 
np. Admiral Lord Nelson. 
A grandson [G.] of Horatio was minister at Munich, and 
another was minister in Portugal. One of the sons of the 
former is Rt. Hon. Spencer Walpole, Secretary of State. 
N. Mrs. Damer, sculptor, daughter of Field-Marshal Conway, 
cousin to Horace Walpole. 
Wellesley, Richard; created Marquess of Wellesley; Gover¬ 
nor-General of India ; most eminent statesman and scholar. 
B. Arthur ; the great Duke of Wellington. 
[B.] ist Baron Cowley, diplomatist. 
[F.] ist Earl of Momington; eminent'musical tastes. He in¬ 
herited the estates and the name, but not the blood, of the 
Wesleys, whose descendants were the famous Dissenters, 
his father, Richard Colley, having obtained them from his 
aunt’s husband, who was a Wesley, 
gGF. The infamous judge, Sir John Trevor, M.R., the cousin 
and the rival of the abler, but hardly more infamous, 
Judge Jeffreys. 
N. Henry Wellesley ; created Earl Cowley ; diplomatist ; am¬ 
bassador to France. 
S. (Illegitimate.) Rev. Henry Wellesley, D.D. ; Principal of 
New Inn Hall, Oxford ; a scholar and man of extensive 
literary acquirements and remarkable taste in art 
Wellesley, Arthur ; created Duke of Wellington ; Premier. See 
B. Marquess Wellesley 
F. Earl Momington 
N. Earl Cowley 
N. Rev. Henry Wellesley 
Wilberforce, William ; philanthropist and statesman ; of very 
weak constitution in infancy. Even æt. 7 showed a 
remarkable talent for elocution ; had a singularly melo¬ 
dious voice, which has proved hereditary ; sang well ; was 
very quick ; desultory at college. Entered Parliament 
æt. 21, and before æt. 25 had gained high reputation. 
S. Samuel, Bishop of Oxford ; prelate, orator, and administrator. 
as above.


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