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Town and Country Population 245 
rural generation must not be forgotten. We, however, have 
reason to believe that the correction on this ground will be in¬ 
significant, because the length of a generation is found to be 
constant under very different circumstances of race, and there¬ 
fore we should expect it to be equally constant in the same race 
under different conditions ; such as it is, it would probably tell 
against the towns. 
Let us now sum up the results. The corrections are not to 
be applied for (D) and (E), so we have only to regard (A) x (B) 
x (C), that this— 
2681 x x 
29n x ïbo x 
170° 1796 
In other words, the rate of supply in towns to the next adult 
generation is only 77 per cent., or, say, three-quarters of that in 
the country. This decay, if it continued constant, would lead to 
the result that the representatives of the townsmen would be 
less than half as numerous as those of the country folk after one 
century, and only about one fifth as numerous after two centuries, 
the proportions being and respectively. 
R 2


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