Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

Composite Portraiture 225 
their components is shown by six of the specimens. 1 wished 
to learn whether the order in which the components were 
photographed made any material difference in the result, so I 
had three of the portraits arranged successively in each of their 
six possible combinations. It will be observed that four at 
least of the six composites are closely alike. I should say that 
in each of this set (which was made by the wet process) the last 
of the three components was always allowed a longer exposure 
The accompanying woodcut is as fair a representation of one ot the composites as is 
practicable in ordinary printing. It was photographically transferred to the 
wood, and the engraver has used his best endeavour to translate the shades into 
line engraving. This composite is made out of only three components, and its 
threefold origin is to be traced in the ears, and in the buttons to the vest. To 
the best of my judgment, the original photograph ns a very exact average of its 
components ; not one feature in it appears identical with that of any one of 
►them, but it contains a resemblance to all, and is not more like to one of them 
than to another. However, the judgment of the wood engraver is different. 
His rendering of the composite has made it exactly like one pi its components, 
which it must be borne in mind he had never seen. It is just as though an 
artist drawing a child had produced a portrait closely resembling its deceased 
father, having overlooked an equally strong likeness to its deceased mother, 
which was apparent to its relatives. This is to me a most striking proof that the 
composite is a true combination. 
chan the second, and the second than the first, but it is found 
better to allow an equal time to all of them. 


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